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Here at Coastal Groomers we provide a wide range of grooming services which includes full grooms, midi grooms, washes and blow drys. Continually, we offer breed standard or show cuts and teeth cleaning on request. All grooms include; a nail cut , an ear clean and pluck as well as a full health check.. We are fully qualified and insured groomers who also have the benefit of a fully stocked pet boutique. It offers quality branded products for your dog.



Why not come along and visit us at Coastal Groomers

Coming to Coastal Groomers doesn’t only have to do with drinking coffee, it is about being able to share fun and quality time with faithful and furry friends. That’s why we make sure that even the tiniest of dogs have a seat as well as the gentle giants at our Dog Cafè. The best part about it all? You’ll not only satisfy your stomach, but you’ll satisfy your dogs too because we even have a menu for your dogs including Puppacinos!!

Did you know we sell dog beers, wines, yoghurt’s, ice creams, teas and dog cakes?

Give your dog the very best present with their own dog birthday party hosted at one of our Dog Cafe’s! ! treat them to some great healthy snacks and some accessories! Why wait? plan your doggy birthday party today and get in touch!



Top quality food, treats and accessories!

We sell top quality dog food including Lily’s Kitchen, James Wellbeloved, Forthglade and all of our treats are natural! Give your dog what they deserve with the best food and treats to keep them happy and healthy!

58c Rosemary Road, Clacton on Sea, CO15 1TE

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Our mission

coming to coastal groomers isn't all about drinking coffee, it's about being able to share fun and quality time with faithful and tender animal friends.

that's why we make sure that even the tiniest of creatures have a reserved seat at our dog cafe. the best part about it all? you'll not only satisfy your stomach, but you'll satisfy your soul.

safety and entertainment is guaranteed!